Hiring Wedding Band? Things To Know Before Booking

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Wedding Bands in Melbourne & Australia

It can be a daunting task to book a wedding band to play on your big day. However, picking the right band can lift your event if chosen correctly. A great wedding band can turn the evening into a memorable one with amazing music, great singers and lots of enjoyment. But what should be the prerequisites when searching for a first class band on your Wedding Day?

Bondah, a leading name in wedding bands in Melbourne and around Australia has a few guidelines to your hunt:

Previous Experience

It is always good to know what other events and how long they have been performing. A good method is by checking social media posts, testimonials, reviews online, images and videos on their website along with reading their bio to ascertain if they fit within your criteria. When selecting a wedding band in Melbourne or around Australia a lot can determined by what can be found when researching online, in different forums or wedding directories.

Booking with an Agency or Direct with the band?
When deciding with which the band to choose, you may find yourself deciding between booking through an agency or direct band contact. An agency might may be a good place to start as they will have terms and conditions and you will know where you stand if problems arise. However, as they are an agency they will charge more than what you have to pay. Booking direct with a reputable, experienced and professional band is the best way to book entertainment as you will have a better level of communication which they will usually cost less and give you the same outcome.

Communication with your band

Advising your band of your requirements and requests for your big day should be effortless and seamless. Any specific songs you may decide on, demographics of the guest list, playing times, load in/out times, songs in between sets, meal requirements contacts etc. Typically, the band should give you a short worksheet for you to fill out well ahead of time with all the relevant information the band requires before performing, this will help in achieving a stress free wedding.

Professional and Experienced OR A Cheaper Option?
In addition, it can also be a tough call whether to go for professional and experienced musicians or other options at a cheaper rate. Receiving a cheap quote from a band or agency is not always the right path to choose. This is because in most cases you are getting what you paid for and when booking with a cheaper option the level of musicianship may well be subpar, the professionalism may be lacking and you can’t be sure of a great night of entertainment for your guests. Professionalism and experience can be hard to find at cheap rates when searching for Wedding music Melbourne. The ideal situation is to pay a little extra for the entertainment so you can have peace of mind that it will be first rate and your guests can enjoy themselves.

Research Other Entertainers
If you are looking for wedding bands in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong or Mornington Peninsula or anywhere else in Australia it is important to do your research. Don’t just choose the first band that you find. Research and obtain a quote from at least three different bands to gage what might work best for you and decide what is going to provide you and your guests the most fun.

Read The Terms and Conditions
When searching for wedding bands in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula or all over Australia. It is important to read their terms and conditions before providing them with a deposit. If they don’t have terms and conditions this can lead to a difficult scenario if there needs to be a cancellation, changes to dates, changes to the line-up, plus numerous other problems that may arise. It is crucial that you know where you stand before booking with a band. And in the event they don’t have Terms and Conditions, this speaks volumes to the level of professionalism they provide and they should probably be avoided.

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